I have been thinking a lot about lasts the past few days. The last thing I said to my son and daughter as they left for preschool and first grade in the morning. The last time I yelled at them, which was probably a half hour before they left for school. The last joke I [...]


Fall brought great changes to our family. To say that my work has been challenging is the understatement of a century. This is the first time that my work life balance has been thrown into complete upheaval. Throughout the month of October I was working 65+ hour weeks, traveling constantly, catching what few hours of [...]

The Unauthorized Haircut

A few evenings ago I had fallen asleep on the couch for about 20 minutes. This fleeting power nap had left me a tad disoriented, but I still managed to go through our pre-bed routine of getting the kids settled in for the night. After I came downstairs and returned to the living room, I [...]

My Conversation with Tom Brady

I would like to start off by thanking myself for the dream I had last night. It was kind of awesome, but I do have to say, Subconscious? You can do better:

I’m sitting in the driver’s seat of a car at a gas station, when none other than Tom Brady opens the passenger side [...]

“I’m Almost Five” Year Old Contemplations

The cookout was in full swing; adults chatting on the deck, kids running around at play. I found him sitting by himself on the deck stairs, staring off in the distance.

“Watcha doing little man?”

He ignored my question and took me along with his thoughts.

“Mommy, how did we get our house?”

“Well, Daddy [...]

Tiny Fingers, Brave Soul

She started playing the piano in September and had been practicing for her June recital for months. She could play the music in her sleep. As I stood behind her curling her hair on the big day, I watched as her tiny fingers tapped in time on the table. She hummed the tunes to herself [...]

Quiet Please

You would think in the Big Apple that you might have yourself a celebrity sighting. Well, I guess I did but first it happened right in Providence. My coworker and I were standing outside the Providence train station, waiting to head off for a week of training, when Martin Sheen stepped out of a car. [...]

Me vs It

This morning I was putting away some dishes in the dishwasher that I had neglected last night. As I was doing so, the hugest bellied spider that I have ever seen in this house came scurrying across the counter at me.

It was coming. Right. For me. Naturally I screamed bloody murder and would have jumped a [...]

Live Through This

I was driving to pick up my daughter from school yesterday, when on route I passed over 20 high school-aged kids standing on the side of the road. They were huddled in small groups; many were hugging, bunches of flowers were piled at their feet. It was an unmistakable indicator that something terrible had happened [...]

Homonymous Disappointment

It was early morning. We were all up and starting our daily routine when we heard a huge bang. It was the sort of noise where you could feel the vibration throughout the entire house. I immediately assumed it was a transformer and expected us to lose power. We did not, but the source of the [...]