Barbie and Rapunzel Get Married

On today’s episode of As the Bathwater Cools, Barbie finds herself in a rather awkward situation.

Ariel:    Hi! Want to be friends?

Barbie: Yes! Oh, I love your hair.

Ariel:    Thank you! I love your hair too.

Barbie: Thank you very much!

Ariel:    Say, do you want to get married?

Barbie: Yes! Oh [...]

My 9/11

It was approximately 8:50 in the morning when my office phone rang on September 11, 2001. I could tell from a glance at the caller ID that is was my fiancé, now husband. I barely skipped a beat as I raised the receiver to my ear and continued a scan of my morning email. I [...]


I crept into her room so early it was still dark, but I could tell she was awake. I saw her little eye peek over to make sure it was me. Yet she immediately feigned sleep; my princess likes to be woken with a kiss.

I gave her a smooch on her cheek and sang [...]