Poop Presents

There have been many challenging experiences we’ve muddled through as parents these past five years, but nothing has been more excruciating than the process of potty training our son. Many months have passed since our daycare insisted on the use of underwear as the tool that is going to get us there, and while that worked in [...]

Broken, Observed

A family of four, they sit together huddled in a booth, picking over the remaining slices of pizza. The mother stares out the window, watching the passing cars. The father turns and strikes up a conversation with his youngest son about his day. Not more than ten years of age, the boy chatters on about his friends and [...]

Bye-Bye Baby

The days and weeks have been blending together so much that wow, is it really July already? Yesterday morning my son ran up to give me a hug and his head plowed right into my stomach. As I doubled over with discomfort, the blow was twofold. When did he get that tall? I spend hours [...]