Child Robot Likes to Clean

Here is another gem that came home recently:

I was reading through this and honestly, some strong yet conflicted emotions arose. How is it that my Child Robot is seemingly defined by making mommy happy via cleaning up? So much that “clean-up” was her answer three times?  I am horrified and also very proud [...]

Cause and Effect: A Mother’s Day Tale

Wife dislikes old crappy phone.

Wife not happy.

Wife nags husband about old crappy phone.

Husband not happy.

Mother’s Day approaches.

Husband buys wife new iPhone 4.

Wife happy!

Wife stops nagging husband.

Husband broke, but husband happy!

Children whine.

No one is happy!

Wife teaches children to play Angry [...]

Day of Reckoning

Osama bin Laden is dead. Our country has been waiting nearly 10 years for this malevolent being to be found. I stayed awake much later than intended last night, and when the news was confirmed by our President, who reminded us of the righteous anger and justification we Americans all have the entitlement to feel, it [...]