Fabulous Fives

She wakes early and readies herself for the day. She dresses and brushes her teeth, and no longer feels the need to vocalize her pride in that ability. “I brushed my teeth all by myself!” is so yesterday.

But oh! Oh how irate she becomes when I tell her that I still need assist. It [...]

The Art of Sibling Persuasion

Each morning my children pick one item to put in their backpacks for school, which they usually play with in the car while we travel. This morning Sofia chose a book and Dominic chose his toy microphone (which to my great fortune actually amplifies voices).


Sofia: [...]

Help for Japan

I wanted to get back to writing and tell you about some of the stuff my rug rats have been up to lately, but I can’t just yet. I would not feel right if I did not acknowledge the pain, suffering, and total devastation crippling the people of Japan, and provide some of my obsessive [...]

G3 Kreations Jewelry Giveaway & Special Promotion

How do dreams become realized? How does a hobby become something more?

I know what a challenge it can be to devote yourself to a pursuit of leisure. It is not an easy feat when you are a mother; so often the only slab of your iceberg that shows. But when you have a gift and a loving [...]