Review: Disney on Ice Presents Toy Story 3

We waited until Valentine’s Day to tell the kids we were going to see the Feld Entertainment production of Disney on Ice presents Toy Story 3. Have you seen that commercial where the parents tell the kids they are about to get on a plane to head to Disney World, and a predictably substantial freak out [...]

Mom Patrol

In random order, here are the top 20 sentences I seem to have on repeat lately:

Sit down properly and eat.

No fart noises at the dinner table.

Chew with your mouth closed.

Do not run in the house.

Don’t jump off the couch.

Giveaway – Disney on Ice Presents Toy Story 3

In my own home we have at least three different Buzz Lightyear dolls, a Woody doll, a Toy Story game, a Toy Story puzzle, Toy Story pajamas, and all three Toy Story movies on DVD. On any given afternoon my son can be heard calling out, “To infinity….AND BEYOND!” So yes, around these parts [...]

Why The Snowblower Ain’t My Bag, Baby

When I was a little girl my grandfather used to tell me, “The men? They go out and do the work. The women? They stay home and have the babies.” He was from a different time after all; a time where in all fairness, it was often true that women did not enter the workforce. [...]