We’ve Got Snow

Hey, guess what New England? We have grass! Yes, it is under several feet of white stuff and we haven’t actually laid eyes on it since mid December; but oh yes it is there, I know it.

I haven’t decided if it has just been so long since we’ve had a really bad winter that [...]

Learning About Martin Luther King Jr

It always happens in the strangest of places. When I least expect it my daughter and I will have a conversation of great importance; a teaching moment about what I believe, about what I feel is my parental and human duty to instill in my young. On Friday night it happened while waiting in line [...]

Kitchen Remodel – A Little Love

Like so many other home improvement projects, it started with something as simple and mundane as a broken faucet. Seriously? That sucker broke right off in my hand and fell into the disposal. Needless to say, it had to be replaced.

We started window shopping, and before long we stopped looking at faucets and started talking about [...]