New Year’s Quiz 2011

It is likely ill advised to complete my annual New Year’s Quiz and yearly recap while suffering a head cold and a brain crippling NyQuil hangover, but alas, it is time. The year 2011 is coming to a close; am I the only one who feels as though it was gone in a blink?

OK, [...]

Creative Elf Syndrome

Brace yourselves, a new epidemic is upon us, and you could be next. Each night, all across the country moms and dads can be found holding a tiny red dude and muttering to themselves, “No, I did that already…that won’t work…why won’t it stay up…I can’t use tape, they’d know if I used tape…”

Yes, [...]

I Spy Crazy People

When children spend at least 30 minutes in a car every day they find ways to entertain themselves. For my kids, what started out as an ordinary game of I Spy is now an obsessive hunt. What are they hunting? The title may give you a clue, but let me explain how this all came about.


15 Minutes

Each weekday morning is the same. It starts with the antagonizing alarm, and continues through the bustle of getting everyone up, dressed, fed, gathered, and out the door. Somehow we manage it all in under an hour and it’s very much like clockwork at this point, but oh so hectic. Ask me an hour later [...]

Finding Middle C

She sits next to me on the stool, her tiny fingers spread over the ivory keys, her thumbs gliding across the span of an octave in search of that elusive Middle C.

“This one?”

“No, that’s the A. Where is the C?”

I catch myself because I know that I just sounded frustrated. I am [...]

Barbie and Rapunzel Get Married

On today’s episode of As the Bathwater Cools, Barbie finds herself in a rather awkward situation.

Ariel:    Hi! Want to be friends?

Barbie: Yes! Oh, I love your hair.

Ariel:    Thank you! I love your hair too.

Barbie: Thank you very much!

Ariel:    Say, do you want to get married?

Barbie: Yes! Oh [...]

My 9/11

It was approximately 8:50 in the morning when my office phone rang on September 11, 2001. I could tell from a glance at the caller ID that is was my fiancé, now husband. I barely skipped a beat as I raised the receiver to my ear and continued a scan of my morning email. I [...]


I crept into her room so early it was still dark, but I could tell she was awake. I saw her little eye peek over to make sure it was me. Yet she immediately feigned sleep; my princess likes to be woken with a kiss.

I gave her a smooch on her cheek and sang [...]

Tick Tock

I have been feeling the ticking of a clock. No, not that kind of clock; you bite your tongue. This shop is CLOSED. I’m talking about the passage of time, a season that has run its course, the end of one phase of life which can only lead to the beginning of the next, and [...]

The Artist

I know…it’s been a while. I have a good excuse.  No, I’m not trapped under something heavy, but I am swamped. Yes, I have become overwhelmed by a force from which there is no escape: artwork.

My five year old loves to draw, color, cut, and glue. She calls herself The Artist. In fact, she [...]