Thanksgiving in Focus

It was a great holiday weekend spent with family and friends.  We laughed, ate, watched football, played games, and enjoyed each other like every American family should. Though the planning and preparations were stressful at times, the outcome was worth it.

What I did not realize until Thanksgiving Day was that my daughter was making [...]

A Thankful Thanksgiving

If you do not live in the Northeast your experience may be different, but I am certain that everyone in New England will agree:  from a marketing standpoint, the holiday season comes earlier and earlier every year. This year it began immediately following Halloween, with Christmas displays on the shelves and holiday songs on the [...]

My Ado About Nothing

It has been a long week. It has been full of sickness and despair. It is one of those situations where real life is too painful and private to post; where I am affected by stories that are not mine to tell, and cannot and would not want to share them here. As such this [...]

Mother Nature: You Need a Time Out

Five minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off this morning, Sofia bounded into my bedroom and shouted:

“MOM! Mama! Guess what? GUESS WHAT? You are NOT going to believe this. There’s snow. SNOW!!! Real snow. Oh, my gosh. You have to come and see it. It’s everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! It’s covering EVERYTHING. It’s even [...]

Halloween Treats: A Tale of Betrayal

Last Friday at Sofia’s Daycare Halloween party she was given a bag of popcorn.  It was one of those carnival type popcorn bags, all pretty and official with its red and white stripes.

While the bag suggested otherwise, it contained generic and run of the mill microwave popcorn. Four days later she still had [...]