Birthday Boy

Three years ago today the most amazing little dude came into my life. I had planned on writing a full post about the wonder and joy Dominic has brought to our lives, but the busy Halloween season got in the way.

If you read these posts years from now, Little One, you will [...]

Potty Training Act II: Woe

I have been listening to Elliott Smith a lot lately, and I’m having one of those chicken and the egg moments.  I can’t tell if I’m listening to Elliott Smith so much because I am feeling down, or if I am feeling down because I am listening to Elliott Smith too much. 

Tricky, [...]

Past, Present, & Future: Take 2,497

Sofia:  We are going to go to swim class yesterday.

Me:   No Sweetie, we are going to go to swim class tomorrow.  Today is Friday, and tomorrow is Saturday. Yesterday was Thursday.

Sofia:  No, yesterday was Wednesday, because you said that before.

Me:  I told you that on Thursday, which is the day after Wednesday. [...]

Stuck in a Rut

Do you ever feel as though you are stifled and need so fervently to move forward, but at the same time you are petrified beyond reason to take a solitary step?  That is how I have been acting lately with so many aspects of my life.

I can’t catch my breath from standing still.

I [...]

Boston Review: Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey presents Zing Zang Zoom!

When someone does a trick, I am one of those persons who will try to call them out on how it’s done.

There’s a trap door underneath!  They were hiding behind the curtain! 

Wait a second, wait a second, it’s joined in the middle and there’s a spring around it, it pops it open when [...]

Boston Giveaway Contest – Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey

Every now and then my daughter looks at me and says, “Do you remember when that clown made Daddy wear that silly skirt, and then the pony pooped right in front of us?”

These are priceless memories, people.  There is simply no denying it.

My children ask me all the time when [...]

Poop and Bullying Awareness

It’s been one of those crazy, challenging, life just gets in the way type of parenting weeks around these parts. The kids have been acting like mutants. I have been acting like a mutant. And I am guessing that just makes them want to act even more mutant-like. 

I was going to go on a rant [...]