Top Five List: It’s Laminated!

Last week we rented The Backup Plan, and now I am all a flutter.  Friends, I have a big problem. Big! HUGE! 

I need to bump someone from my Laminated Top 5 List so that I can add Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin.  

Oh yes. From his days on Moonlight to the new Hawaii Five-O series [...]


There is an unwritten rule when it comes to blogging: Lest thou prefer swimming in the proverbial shitter, thou shalt not write crap about thy significant other. 

Well, at least not on the blog that he knows about. 

Heh. Kidding.

Someone asked me once why I barely ever write about Tony.  It is quite simple, [...]

Football: Saving Sanity One Sunday at a Time

We visited with family and friends on Sunday so that our children could spend some time together.  As soon as we got there the kids took off with their cousins for the playroom.  I sighed to myself, what are we going to do with ourselves all afternoon while the kids are playing?

Oh! Look! There [...]

Happy Birthday, My Sweet

Five years ago today, you were born.  Looking at baby pictures I marvel that you were truly this small: 

You no longer hold a hint of infancy, or of toddlerhood for that matter.  You are my little girl.

 When you were three months old I used to rush to pick you [...]