Mourning Mommy’s Cats

A few nights ago as we lay on your bed chatting as we always do, you recalled a memory. 

“Remember the bad cat who scratched me while we were playing with blocks on the rug?”

I tried to hide my surprise as I replayed the scene in my mind and you continued to describe it [...]

My Blind Eye

I am an ignorant American.

I spend most days with my eyes shut.  I turn away and seek refuge from that which has become far too complex to understand. 

I acknowledge that life has become hard, and that for many in this country life is a lot more difficult than my own.  Money must be [...]


I was given several nicknames while growing up, starting at the age of three.  The first one I received was Squinz, which is short for Squinzilina and is an Italian slang for a “tiny female who whines a lot”.  I am happy to report that I now have a tiny female of my own, and [...]

Ghost Hunters: My Six Degrees of Separation

I had to go to New York City to experience my closest celebrity encounter.  About 15 years ago I stood three people behind Uma Thurman while waiting in a Ladies Room line at Carnegie Hall.  I pretty much just stood there and stared while thinking, “Wow. That’s Uma Thurman. And she has to pee.”

Southern [...]

The Stages of Puke

I am tired today. I am so very, very tired. Why, pray tell?  It is all because of this guy:

It was about 2:00 AM when I heard him crying through the monitor.  I lay still for a few moments, hoping begging for it to be one of those “Eh, eh, eh, where is [...]

BlogHer ’10: There and Back

I had said my good-byes, checked out of the hotel, and managed to get my entire luggage set down to the garage and into my van. With every step of this process, as I dragged and pulled and tugged, I was missing my husband. Where was my big strong man to help me with my [...]

What I Want from BlogHer ’10 and What It Wants from Me

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I am beyond excited to go to my first BlogHer conference.  This year it is taking place in New York City, so can I get a WOOT WOOT?  Because you guys, it is three days away!!!

I have been all a [...]