Self Portrait

There are certain tell-tale signs, red flags if you will, for when a child’s psyche has altered from a happy and secure state of being to that of a troubled soul.  Happy children paint images of rainbows, unicorns, and daffodils.  Children on the brink of disturbance will display artwork depicting frightening images, violence, anger, or [...]

Speed Demons

When I was in my early twenties I used to drive through a neighborhood where one of the streets had a speed limit of a whopping 5 MPH.  I was just learning to drive a stick back then and frankly coasting along in the lower gears at such a low speed tended to send me on a [...]

Potty Training, Act I

“Hey Dominic, do you want to try and go potty?” asks Mommy.

“NO!!!!” replies the defiant 32 month old.

“Okaaay.” Mommy sighs while reaching for another diaper.

End scene.


And that is about as far as I have been taking things.  The boy has no interest, and therefore I have no interest in starting [...]

Beach Day Memories

When my husband and I were in our mid to late twenties and still dating we spent a lot of time during the summer down on the Cape.  It was a short walk to a semi private beach from his family’s summer home.  We spent many hours on that quiet beach lazing in chairs with [...]

To Kindle or Not to Kindle

When we moved we cast out all my old bookcases that I had salvaged from as far back as college. All my lovely novels, classics that I had read and reread throughout the course of the past 25 years were stowed away in boxes and banished to the attic.  How I have missed them.

You [...]

The Case of the Broken Washer

Earlier this week our washing machine broke. I was secretly cursing my husband because I was POSITIVE he had overloaded it with too many towels and subsequently fried a belt, or worse the transmission (washers have those, right?).  We spent several days worrying about how much this would cost us since it was just a [...]