Murder Most Maddening

I have no greater fear than the loss of my own children.  I imagine that is the ultimate fear of all parents.  What if I am unable to keep them safe from harm?  What if they are taken from me by a malicious stranger?  What if by an awful act of randomness and before I [...]

Early Reading Research

There is no question that my daughter’s first love besides me and Daddy was books.  As early as 9 months of age she would spend hours with board books, flipping through the pages on her own when we were not actively reading to her. She learned her alphabet very early, and at 18 months could [...]

Self-Rescuing Princess

It has been almost two years since I wrote the post about good versus evil, as depicted in children’s literature and movies.  I focused on Disney movies since it was becoming evident by my daughter’s adoration of them that the princess theme would be sticking around for a while.  A reader commented on another aspect [...]

The Winner

Every morning on the commute to day-care we drive by a farm.  There is a large stable on the premises, and on mornings when the weather is favorable a number of horses can be seen outside in the pen.  I like to slow down as we pass to give the kids a good look.

“How [...]

Memorial Day

It was a long, beautiful, fun, and restful weekend.  Excluding a trip to dance class and the playground we spent our three days at home.  Three full days at home with a four year old and a two year old? You never quite know how that will turn out. 

I peeked in on Facebook from time [...]