Ghost Stories

It was about three in the morning.  I was awakened by the feeling of movement at the foot of the bed.  I groaned softly, knowing that my daughter was climbing up to lay with me the way she tends to do after a nightmare.  Without opening my eyes I waited, expecting to feel her make [...]

The Plant Whisperer

Several weeks had passed since my daughter had returned home from school carrying a small pot of dirt. I fretted a great deal about this because me and the whole successful growing of plants thing…not so affective.  Yet I had been diligent.  The soil had been maintained at a pleasantly moist level; not too wet [...]

The Curse of the Fly

I must have been about eight years old because I was old enough to be out in the yard playing by myself, and at the same young enough to frolic in the grass.  I rolled my body down a small hill while basking in the blazing summer sun.  I came to a rest on my [...]

Le Donne Della Mia Famiglia

It is late in the afternoon on Easter Sunday.  My children are playing nicely outside with their cousins in the warm spring air.  They are running off the sugar that has charged their systems, a product of the always fruitful egg hunt.  Some of the men in my family are playing with the children, others [...]