This Used To Be My Playground

One of the things that I have come to appreciate most in my adult life about living in the North East, specifically in Southern New England is the lack weather disasters.  Truly, not much happens here.  We get the occasional hurricane and we’ve been smacked with a few nasty blizzards in my lifetime, but in [...]


We only have a few plants in our home, and they all have the same problem.  They all suffer from some strange H2O deficiency.  I marvel at the way they seem to have the same symptoms.  They are all dry and the leaves keep falling off.  It must be something in the air.

Did you [...]

Frustration and Guilt in Mommyland

I have been feeling frustrated, so unbelievably and exhaustingly frustrated.

Looking at that sentence, the word “frustrated” is not even close to enough.  It is a pale representation for the mix of emotion and flood of negativity that has engulfed my life this past week.  What’s more, and what’s worse is the reason.  The reason [...]

Bracketing: A Parental Must [Duh!]

At my place of work we have number of internal courses available which are designed to help one become a better manager, coworker, teammate, and all around successful communicator. One of these courses focuses on how to hold difficult conversations, and a key tool for doing so is called bracketing. To bracket, one simply states [...]

Tips For Ruling Your Castle By Sofia, Age 4

Hi, my name is Sofia and I have been training my parents for over four years. Teaching my mom and dad is a lot of work, but I have also learned tons of good stuff along the way. I feel there are many children who could benefit from my wisdom. I am here today to [...]

The Absent-Minded Parent

My daughter has put me on verbal warning. I have one week to get my act together.

Now that she is in preschool, I’ve been a getting a lot of homework assignments from Sofia’s teachers. I have to pay attention more often to the monthly newsletters that come out with special days the kids need [...]