Crime and Punishment

Last weekend nine high school boys from my local area apparently got bored towards the end of their February vacation, went onto the internet, learned how to go about making a chemical bomb out of a soda bottle, and then proceeded to do so.  They then allegedly drove around and placed one in a random [...]

Always Be My Baby

 There is always one common theme, one consistent sentiment that is shared with me by parents of older children when it comes to rearing little ones.  Enjoy this time. Savor these moments. Stop what you are doing and remember how they are right now; how their tiny hands curl in yours when you are walking [...]

Revew of Disney On Ice: Let’s Celebrate!

When I shared with my younglings that we would be attending a new Feld Entertainment production of Disney On Ice for Valentine’s Day, there was a great deal of excitement around these parts.  Both kids broke into their own little happy dance accompanied by exuberant chanting of “Disney On Ice!!! Disney On Ice!!! Disney On [...]

Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate!

I have recently come to the realization that my four year old has the best selective hearing I have ever witnessed.

Sofia, it’s time for bed.  No response. 

Would you like carrots or green beans? Nothing.

What did you do at school today? I may receive an answer to this one if I ask several [...]

What’s in a Name?

“Is that your bear? What is his name?”

Sofia lifts her little stuffed animal friend to her face where they nuzzle nose to nose, a subconscious reflex she turns to whenever she is feeling shy or is seeking comfort. 

“Bear” she squeaks, her eyes peeking up over her glasses as she peers at the [...]