Bye-Bye Binky!

I had a plan. It was a masterful plan months in the making. Seeds were planted; subliminal messages thrown. My mission: Come hell or high water, my daughter and her binky would soon be parted.

I have no regrets that we went the way of the pacifier very early on for both of my kids. [...]

An Explanation of Death to My Child

After I was lovingly accused of bringing several readers to tears on my last two posts, I had intended to lighten things up a bit for my next entry. Life, however, had other plans.  Last week brought the passing of the beloved patriarch of our family, my grandfather.  While he lived a good long life [...]

Just The Two Of Us

Sofia sat in the chair with her hands placed lightly on a lap desk as she leaned over to watch the stylist paint her fingernails with polish. It was her very first time.  She had chosen pink sparkles for the occasion.  Every few moments, she glanced over at me sitting in a near by chair, [...]

For Sofia

I remember well the day we decided to have you, because we were at a Bruce Springsteen concert.  We had been going over and over in our heads whether or not to have children for several years.  During the tailgate I voiced out loud for the first time that my largest con, and [...]

Xmas in July, August, September…

Want to know what I did last night?  I read my daughter a story about Easter-Egg hunting.  Do you want to know what I did the night before?  I read my daughter a story about Easter-Egg hunting.  The night before that was a refreshing change.  We read a story about Christmas Yankee Swap gifts- Backyardigans [...]