Tempest, Part 2

Often when I post, what I want to say pretty much just writes itself. This time around, I’ve been struggling with how express my home-life over the last six days. I am now on my third attempt, having hit that big black X several times. I’m nervous because for everything going on right now, I [...]


It is early morning and I’ve already hit the snooze button three times. As I lay there trying to find my will to face the day, I hear my daughter burst into my bedroom and pad her way across the carpet to stand before me. I open one eye to look at her and can’t [...]


I am a duck on a pond lately. On the surface I look like I’m holding things together well, but underneath it all…

Life, it seems, is always in a state of flux. Generally I’m fine with that. How monotonous would life be if it were ever constant? But lately, there’s a little too much [...]


Why does that woman want to steal the little Dalmatian doggies? Well, my dear daughter, that mean looking lady wanted to kill those cute little puppies, take the skin from their dead bodies, and use it to make herself a fine looking, brand new winter fur coat.

OK fine, that was an inner monologue. My [...]


In my dream I am in my bedroom, just sitting on the bed. As I stare at myself in the dresser mirror, my mind is blank. I’m supposed to be doing something right now, but what? I glance over at the bathroom door and I can see that it is shut. With a fury of [...]