BlogHer, Unattended

I’ve been a little bitter this past week. My complexion was radiating a mightily distinct shade of green. I knew it was coming, and that I had no intention of going. The chatter and excitement in the blogosphere that led up to the highly anticipated BlogHer ’09 conference in Chicago was making me itch with [...]

Lessons: I’ve Learned a Few

A few odds and ends I’ve learned now that I am a mother of young children:

Your chances of leaving the house without a smudge of bodily fluid on your shirt or pants are slim to none.

There are some truly psychotic kids’ TV shows out there. I’m lookin’ at YOU Boo-Bah.

Three-year-olds can conjugate [...]

The Why Factor

Help!!! Send reinforcements, pronto.

A new stage has begun at the Mom et al household, one that I never saw coming. It started off slowly, that preschool curiosity. Little questions here and there pop into my daughter’s three year old brain, and require an immediate response from the Mommy and Daddy Authorities of All Knowing. [...]

Holiday Goings On

Years ago, had you asked me to describe our festivities over the July 4th weekend, I would have blathered on about parties, friends, beer, the Cape, beer, music, beer, fun, and oh so much more beer. Mix it up with a little cribbage here, some pitch there, and an array of food to offset the [...]

New Shoes and Toddler Truths

I’m not much of a shopper. Maybe it was my years in retail. Maybe it is due to my complete lack of patience with crowds, lines, dressing room quotas, checkouts, and parking. In any event, I need new shoes, and I’m totally procrastinating on this next purchase endeavor.

My recent trip down memory lane actually [...]