When I was in college I worked for GapKids, which at that time was in its prime and one of the top children’s clothing stores. I’ve written before about how being a mother wasn’t always a life choice that I found endearing. I have a feeling it was my experiences in their stores that laid [...]


My children graduated last Friday. I know. Some of you are saying, “Wha? Aren’t your kids, like, really young?” Well, it just so happens that in the land of day-care learning centers, the kids graduate every year.

The philosophy was a tad bit hard for me to grasp in the beginning. Both of my children [...]

Neighborhood, Circa 1984

In her early youth her neighborhood was a safe haven. Yet it was not the same as decades past, as echoed by the stories of her elders. Sitting on Grandma’s porch, she would listen to reports of leaving homes unattended with the doors unlocked; a time when they lived with the knowledge that their community [...]

Sunday Strolls

It’s that time of year in New England where we crawl out of our dark and dreary self imposed shelters and bask, albeit squinting blindly, in the warm rays of our glorious sun. Hip, Hip! Hooray! Spring has sprung in full bloom to renew our lands, lift our spirits, and once and for all (or [...]