I did not always want to be a mother. I never had a ticking clock. I never looked at other people’s babies and swooned in an “OMG I want one right now!” kind of way. I did not consider that it was just what adults do or the natural order of things. I liked our [...]

A Blogger’s Nightmare

Seacrest: Welcome back to American Blogger. We’re reviewing Mom et al. The judges have had a chance to read your latest entry. Randy? How did she fair?

Randy: Well, I remember your work from some of the earlier rounds and I was thinkin’ DAMN, this girl can WRITE! You gave me chills! But this [...]


The period of 16 to 18 months of age is a bit of a honeymoon. Both Mommy and Son are sleeping through the night. Bottles are miraculously held by tiny hands. No longer does Mommy have to lug to day-care with masterful skill sheets, blankets, lunches, diapers, wipes, and a 28 lb toddler positioned on [...]


Mornings with my daughter pretty much go like this:

“OK Sofia, time to go potty. Let’s get ready for school so you can go have breakfast and watch a show before we leave. Sofia, enough running around please, you need to go potty. Sofia, go potty please. Let’s go. You’re not going to have enough [...]