Auto Observations

My daughter playing with cars:

“OK Car, let’s go this way. Hey, look out! I’m coming through! Move, Car, move! Excuse me, I need to go there. Oh, Ok. Here you go. Thank you!”

My son playing with cars:


Ok, granted they are separated by two years [...]

The Dream

I walk into my grandmother’s house. Everything is as it was. The living room to the right from the entryway houses my grandfather’s bed, but I can still see the sofa with the plastic coverings on the seats against the back wall, adjacent to the old gargantuan TV. Encased in wood, it is in itself [...]

All Done

It’s a fairly exciting time around our household these days. My son is now 16 months, and this is cause for much celebration. The first milestone to be acknowledged is that he is now old enough to not only attend the toddler class at day-care, but to get charged at the toddler rate. No more [...]