New Year’s Quiz: 2009 In Review

I love the idea of looking back at accomplishments of the last year, and taking a moment to contemplate how far I’ve come.  This is becoming a tradition at Mom et al, one that I hope to continue for many years ahead.  Here is my quiz from last year.  I am happy to see that [...]


This past month has been a difficult sea of movement for me, at times a torrent of waking hours followed by minuscule passages of fitful sleep.  How I got through it all, it would seem, is simply by the fact that time marches forward.  It may not feel simple as it is passing, but pass [...]

Review- Disney on Ice Presents 100 Years of Magic

Christmas just kept on coming for the Mom et al household this year.  After the fun festivities of Christmas, the long awaited day to attend Disney on Ice Presents 100 Years of Magic at the TD Garden in Boston had finally arrived.  The kids were donned in their favorite Disney character t-shirts of course, and [...]

Mommy’s Rude Awakening

What was that? Was that a scream? What time is it? 4:00 a.m. Ugh.


There it is again! That’s Sofia. That is not a normal cry, not at all. My God, is she hurt? Fall out of bed? Bad dream? Bleeding? Abduction? Did we lock the doors? There it is again. Baby, I’m coming!


Giveaway Contest- Disney on Ice

When I confirmed that I would be partnering again with Mom Central to promote the next Feld Entertainment show that is coming to our area, I made one teeny tiny mistake.  I told my daughter that we are going to see the show a full three weeks before our opening night tickets.  That would be [...]

Giving Thanks

I started off writing an entertaining little ditty about the little things in life that I appreciate, like my dishwasher, pacifiers, and Chap Stick.  After spending Thanksgiving Day with my family, and realizing just what an amazing life I have, I ditched it and started over.  Here is what defines my life.  Here is where [...]

Night Vision

When I was a small child my father remodeled my bedroom walls.  It was the late seventies, and paneling was quite the fashion.  My parents had chosen a white colored paneling, and I can recall that the etchings of the wood throughout each plank had a hunter green hue.   I’m sure it was beautiful, the way [...]

The End of an Era

A few months ago the employees in my building were dealt a hard blow.  Our office is closing. While we were all promised employment at our alternate facility, my home away from home for the past thirteen years will be no more.  While most employees have already been relocated, or left the company of their [...]

H1N1: Do You HAVE Options?

There’s no question that the one topic that has been on everyone’s mind these days is H1N1.  The Mommy Blogosphere has run rampant over the last few months with the philosophical dilemma, “To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate your child?”  If you had asked me a few months ago, my response would have been, “Uh…” 


Birthday Boy

While I have to say that I do believe I have enjoyed my fill of the “baby years”, I have not felt much regret that they are gone until this very moment.  Today my baby has become a two year old.  Long gone are the middle of the night feedings, the rocking to sleep, [...]