New Year’s Quiz- 2008 In Review

I was reading All & Sundry recently, and found that Linda had handed me the subject matter for my next blog entry in a neat (albeit not so little) bulleted package, just primed for the taking. She provided a questionnaire for a year in review. I think it’s a great idea, and I thoroughly enjoyed [...]

The Great Place Card Dilemma, 2008

Those of you gentle readers who have enjoyed my previous posts may recall that I will be hosting my first Christmas Day celebration at home this year. The number of people in attendance is a little more manageable than my original estimates. We will be a total of 17 adults and 5 children for what [...]


One morning recently, I was running late (big surprise) but managed to get everyone piled into the van with just enough time to get the kids to day-care before they lock up the doors. At that point you’re considered especially late for the day, and while you can still drop off your children to the [...]