I don’t know if this is the case for every mom. I seem to reach a point where I stop seeing my children as infants, seemingly clueless little babies with little awareness of what’s going on around them beyond the toy or bottle in their hands, and begin to see them as little people. [...]

Got Spooks?

I grew up in a fairly old house, built in the late 1800’s. Although I never did the research to confirm its origin, I have been told that back when my hometown was mainly farmland (a part of the Providence Plantations) our house belonged to the assistant superintendent. The house next door was much bigger [...]


My daughter Sofia just turned 3 a few weeks ago. Whether or not you ask she is more than happy to let you know her age, which is followed quickly by “Mama is 3 and 5”. Sigh.

Having turned 3 years old, a whole new world is opening up for Sofia with lots of new [...]

Incentives In Weight Loss

In my youth when it came to diet and exercise, I lived without consequence. I can recall hanging with my girlfriends and in one sitting eating an entire bag of Doritos with peanut butter for a snack without a blink of an eye, or an effect on the waistline. College brought on a few added [...]

A Little Too Much Sass

About seven days after the jellyfish attack we were staying at a Marriott in Concord, North Carolina and had been enjoying visiting with our NC family. But my arm was looking worse, and the desire to tear the flesh away to alleviate the searing pain of simultaneous itching and burning were proving to be too [...]