New Year’s Quiz- 2008 In Review

I was reading All & Sundry recently, and found that Linda had handed me the subject matter for my next blog entry in a neat (albeit not so little) bulleted package, just primed for the taking. She provided a questionnaire for a year in review. I think it’s a great idea, and I thoroughly enjoyed [...]

The Great Place Card Dilemma, 2008

Those of you gentle readers who have enjoyed my previous posts may recall that I will be hosting my first Christmas Day celebration at home this year. The number of people in attendance is a little more manageable than my original estimates. We will be a total of 17 adults and 5 children for what [...]


One morning recently, I was running late (big surprise) but managed to get everyone piled into the van with just enough time to get the kids to day-care before they lock up the doors. At that point you’re considered especially late for the day, and while you can still drop off your children to the [...]

Clutter, Cutter Everywhere!

I will never claim to be the neatest person- I have a hard time with clutter. Actually, my enemy is time itself. I have a hard time finding the time to deal with the clutter. My parents had Sofia stay with them last weekend, and when I got to their house on Sunday to visit [...]

No Dora Allowed

I’ll be the first to admit that I probably indulge my daughter in a little too much television. Don’t get me wrong, I do not have a catatonic, zoned out couch potato for a child on my hands. She gets plenty of time at play and exercise to work off that gargantuan bundle [...]

Bah Humbugs, and Odes to Joy

A blink, perhaps a flash, and it’s already November. It feels like an old cliché but time, as I remember it from my childhood, even early adulthood, seemed to move so much slower then. I feel now like the weather was just starting to get warmer, only to find all the leaves have fallen with [...]

To My Sofia


You are three years old. You are 36.5 inches tall, and weigh 32 pounds. You have the same beautiful curly hair as your Mama, but the color is the same as your Auntie DeDe’s when she was your age. You almost always wear your glasses, only taking them off for bath time, naps, [...]


I don’t know if this is the case for every mom. I seem to reach a point where I stop seeing my children as infants, seemingly clueless little babies with little awareness of what’s going on around them beyond the toy or bottle in their hands, and begin to see them as little people. [...]

Got Spooks?

I grew up in a fairly old house, built in the late 1800’s. Although I never did the research to confirm its origin, I have been told that back when my hometown was mainly farmland (a part of the Providence Plantations) our house belonged to the assistant superintendent. The house next door was much bigger [...]


My daughter Sofia just turned 3 a few weeks ago. Whether or not you ask she is more than happy to let you know her age, which is followed quickly by “Mama is 3 and 5”. Sigh.

Having turned 3 years old, a whole new world is opening up for Sofia with lots of new [...]